6 Reasons Why Your Cat Needs an Elevated Feeder

6 Reasons Why Your Cat Needs an Elevated Feeder

Raised pet feeders do not directly touch the ground. Many researchers and pet experts recommended such feeders because they have various health benefits. 

1. Pets with Medical Problems

    If your cat has some medical problems in the esophagus, such as megaesophagus, it’s important to have an elevated feeder. With this condition, the esophagus becomes dilated and flaccid. Instead of food moving down into the stomach through muscular contraction, the dilated esophagus allows the food to accumulate, which can lead to regurgitation and vomiting in cats. This problem is eliminated with an elevated feeder because this allows the food to move down into the stomach with the help of gravity.

    2. Keep Your Pet's Food Clean and Hygienic

      When food is placed on the ground, there is a higher chance food and water will come into contact with dirt, bugs, and parasites. This is a big source of spreading disease in your pet. By keeping the food elevated, it will help to prevent this problem. By using an elevated feeder, you will avoid this problem and decrease the chances of disease, ultimately saving you money.

      3. Keep Your Pet’s Resting and Eating Area Clean

        Cats and dogs have issues playing with their food and water, causing a mess around their feeding area. When the bowl is elevated, there is less of a chance water will drip on the ground. Moisture under the pet bowl and floor create an environment for the growth of mold and bacteria. As you know, these are sources of infectious diseases and many health issues related to digestion. Elevated feeders help prevent this.

        4. Improve Your Pet’s Comfort While Eating and Drinking

          Cats with arthritis or other bone problems benefit from an elevated feeder. Bending over to eat is not comfortable for a pet with stiff muscles or sore joints, and particularly for cats with neck, shoulder, and back problems, such as intervertebral disc diseases. Cats with these problems eat less because eating is painful and uncomfortable. If drinking is painful, the chances of dehydration is higher. By using an elevated feeder, you can help to prevent those problems. It will also improve body posture and comfort.

          5. Provide More Stability for Your Pet

            A strong argument for raised pet bowls is that it diminishes sloppy eating behaviors in your pets. Food and water bowls slip, slide, and usually spill on the ground during feeding time. However, elevated feeders typically stop this. Lifting a water bowl a few inches off the ground also prevents water-loving breeds from swimming in their dishes or bowls.

            6. Make Feeding Your Pet Easier

              Elevated feeders have more than one benefit. Some pet lovers appreciate the position their elevated feeder provides. For the physically handicapped, or persons with arthritis or back problems, using an elevated feeder reduces the need to bend down to feed your pet.


              Conclusion:  An elevated feeder plays an important role in preventing health issues in your pets, and especially those related to the digestion process. Choosing the right pet bowl is vital for a comfortable feeding experience.




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