Spending Quality Time with Your Pet

Kittens love to play and while we might not have unlimited time to devote to them there is nothing better than to spend the time playing and develop a relationship with them that they will keep for life.

At times when you won't be able to spend the time playing, the kitten will need some toys to keep it amused.
Kittens love soft toys as they can get their claws into them easily and roll about on the floor without causing themselves any injury.

Other toys that will keep a kitten amused for hours will be anything that will roll along the floor such as a ball, as they can chase it around.
Anything that you get a kitten to play with needs to be safe and you really need to think in terms of having a young child where small objects can be chewed or swallowed and cause injury.
Also, anything that has sharp edges can cause injury and shouldn't be given to a kitten to play with.

It is also a good idea to have a scratching pole that the kitten knows it can use to scratch as it will need to scratch something and you certainly don't want that to be your furniture.
You can make your own scratching pole by attaching carpet to a wooden pole or alternatively there are some very good poles available that have various nooks and crannies in them that the kitten will enjoy playing in and climbing through.

Once the kitten is comfortable with it's environment and knows where it's home is it can be let outside to play and to make life a lot easier there is nothing better than the convenience of a cat door to let it come in and out of the house without you having to open and shut doors.

The only problem with a cat door is the fact that other cats can also come into the house and eat your cat's food.
This can be solved by getting an electronic cat door that will only open when it registers that the cat coming through the door is your own and that is done by having your cat wear a specific collar that is linked to the operation of the door.

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