Why Do Cats Lick Plastic Bags?

Cats are definitely one of the most mischievous yet adorable pets you can own. When it comes to their licking habit, let me tell you it's one of their favourite pastimes. But, are you often left wondering about why do cats lick plastic bags? Like what do they enjoy so much about it?

Well then keep on reading as you’ll find all your answers in this article.

Licking is how they bond

If you own a cat, you must be familiar that licking is their way of creating a social bond. A mother cat's licking of the new-borns or your pet cat licking you out of love, all are their ways of creating a bond. At times, they also lick other pets they like. It's a way of showing affection for them. So, maybe they just love plastic bags!

For self-entertainment

Cats can be very funny and weird at times. No wonder the internet is jammed with funny cat videos and they are purely entertaining. Cats lick plastic bags for self-entertainment sometimes because the noise created while doing so, cheers them up and also relives their anxiety in case they are bored.

The plastic bag might contain their favourite meal

You are obviously familiar with Tom and Jerry. We all loved watching it. Didn't we?

Let’s see how the cartoon is applied in this scenario. At times cats lick plastic bags because it mimics the sound of them catching rodents (like mice). Also, the smelling capacity of cats is more than that of dogs. The food kept in the plastic bag might be their favourite and so, the odour attracts them.

For attention-seeking

We all know that cats crave for attention when they need it. And, when not in the mood, they might even pretend you are invisible, LOL. Cats are very cunning, and at times they lick plastic bags to make some noise to grasp their owners’ attention. So, maybe if your cat is licking plastic bags, he/she just wants to be pampered!.

They feel a connection to plastic bags

Probably you’re already aware of the fact that some plastic bags are manufactured by using animal fat or tallow. These attract cats and consequently, they try to get a taste of familiarity through licking. Even some chemicals used in the production of plastics can attract cats.

They try to find the nutrients missing in their diet

Few cats acquire a habit of eating non-food items. This is definitely something to worry about. Sometimes, it happens if your cat’s food requirements are not met properly. Consequently, they attempt to get the necessary nutrients that are missing from their diet by licking plastic bags.

They love the texture of plastic

According to some experts, the smooth texture of the plastic feels good on a cat’s taste buds. Hence, the licking!

However, it might be a problem

After all, cats can't speak. So, you should be careful if you find them licking on too much on plastic. It might be due to lack of physical or mental stimulation, some gastrointestinal disease or dental issues. You should consult a vet in such a case.

Final Words

So, these were the most common reasons for which cats lick plastic bags. Be very careful so that they don’t ingest the plastic as this will lead to intestinal blockages. Like human toddlers, cats probably shouldn't be left unsupervised to play with a plastic bag. Provide your kitty with fun alternatives, like crinkly cat-safe toys, or just make the switch to a reusable grocery tote!


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