Raised Single Pet Bowl
Raised Single Pet Bowl
Raised Single Pet Bowl
Raised Single Pet Bowl

Raised Single Pet Bowl

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The elevated cat bowl is the perfect way to feed your precious cat pals.

Many of our furry friends can suffer from ailments such as arthritis, sensitive stomachs—and stubbornness! 


 Hot Tips

Water bowls should not be placed near food bowls because cats prefer water AWAY from their food. This way, cats will drink more water and stay better hydrated!

How can I solve these problems?

Anti-gulp bowls are great for providing health benefits, but they don’t have any orthopaedic benefits: our raised cat bowl is designed to tackle both problems in one product! 

So how can we help?

  • The feeding station is completely BPA-freenon-toxic, and has great postural benefits for your furry friend.
  • The ergonomic design of this product makes it a both a stylish and practical piece - Well-suit to both cat and human needs.

What are the wellbeing benefits?

  • A perfect orthopaedic cat bowl: your cat’s posture will be elevated, meaning they don’t have to crouch low to eat or drink.
  • An excellent anti-vomiting bowl: ensure that your cat can keep their airways open sufficiently to reducing gulping and thus avoid any gagging or vomiting whilst they eat.
  • A great behavioural aid: if your cat likes to paw at their food, it’s likely because of the position they ordinarily have to eat in. The elevated cat bowl discourages messy eating.

What are the other benefits?

  • Non-slip grip and tip-proof

  • They’re easy to clean and maintain: When the bowl ready to be cleaned, just twist it out and rinse with a little warm, soapy water.

So, what are you waiting for? Purchase yourself an adorable, practical cat bowl today! 

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 Shipping and Delivery

Your raised pet bowl will be shipped within 1 to 2 working days after your purchase using USPS or DHL eCommerce depending on your location and fastest available service. The typical delivery time frame for the US is around 5 working days, for other countries outside the United States will be 2-3 weeks.