Pet Grooming Clippers - PETURDAY
Pet Grooming Clippers - PETURDAY
Pet Grooming Clippers - PETURDAY

Pet Grooming Clippers

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Professional Pet Grooming Clipper for Small Areas Hair Cut

Designed for a better user experience. Ideal to trim small areas, like Eyes, Ears, Face, Paws, and Around Rump of dogs and cats.

Easy to Clean

The Pet Grooming Clippers can be easily clean and wash. The removable sections can be directly washed underwater, and the set includes a brush for convenient cleaning between the blades.

waterproof blade 

Low Noise and Vibration Design

The sound during use is roughly 60 DB, ensuring your pet is comfortable throughout the grooming process. The low vibration will help ensure your pet feels at ease and is not afraid of grooming.

dog clippers

Safe and Sharp Blade

The stainless steel fixed blade provides excellent cutting performance and is extremely durable. The clipper is safe and will not hurt your pet’s skin.

dog clippers

Small Blade with Adjustable Guard

The clippers feature a 0.77-inch metal blade with an adjustable guard comb. The guard can be adjusted to 4 different lengths, meeting your grooming needs.

dog clippers

Why Pet Grooming Clippers?

  • The traditional grooming clipper is not designed for small areas, which may cause discomfort to pets.

  • Some clippers are difficult to use, difficult to achieve the ideal effect

So, what are you waiting for? Purchase yourself a practical Pet Grooming Clippers today!


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Color: White / Black (optional)

Material: ABS + Metal

Product Size: 3x17cm

Power Supply: 1 x AA Battery(not includes)

Rate Voltage: 1.5V

Rate Power: 1.5W