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Power to the Paws - Peturdays

Peturdays - "Power to the Paws"

Here at Peturdays, we are more than a company; we are a community, an online hub with many pet-related activities going on within. We have also made available for you on our website several insightful and informative pet news. We are committed to sharing with you news about the latest breakthroughs regarding pets that we consider needful for you as you care for your pet.

You buy, we donate - Peturdays

Peturdays is not just about making sales. At Peturdays, we believe that every pet deserves a better life. Our passion for pets and the community as a whole has driven us to donate one dollar of your order to different pet charity organizations that have made it their mission to rescue and help pets. Some of the animal rescue organizations we have helped along the way include:

You Buy, We Donate - Peturdays

Our online store offers excellent customer experience coupled with prompt customer service response to your inquiries and questions.

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