2 in 1 Pet Bath Brush - PETURDAY
2 in 1 Pet Bath Brush - PETURDAY
2 in 1 Pet Bath Brush - PETURDAY
2 in 1 Pet Bath Brush - PETURDAY

2 in 1 Pet Bath Brush

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Our 2 in 1 Pet Bath Brush is a gentle, yet effective pet bathing tool that will help keep your dog's coat sleek, and make bath time easier on you! With its ergonomic design and non-slip grip, our Pet Bath Brush will make bathing your dog much easier -- in part because your pup will love the gentle massage --and produce better results. The silicone bristles stimulate hair follicles as you brush, which promotes healthy skin and fur.


Take the Stress out of Bath Time

Our 2 in 1 Pet Bath Brush is a soft, yet durable rubber brush that gives your dog a massage as you shampoo her. Even dogs that don't typically like baths will definitely enjoy a nice massage!

The Healthy Choice

Without using a bathing tool, it's very difficult to get your favorite dog shampoo deep into the roots of your pup's fur, which means he's not totally clean, and could even be prone to infection! The Dog Bath Brush has long, sturdy bristles that stimulate the hair follicles and promote new hair growth.


Apply shampoo to the Pet Bath Brush

Begin at the neck, and work backward toward the torso and legs. Brush the direction you want the hair to grow (this prevents ingrown hairs and irritation) Rinse, and repeat! If your dog is about to do the dreaded "wet dog shake," simply hold the base of his neck and he'll most likely stop before he begins!


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