Fruit Tart Cat Bed - PETURDAY
Fruit Tart Cat Bed - PETURDAY
Fruit Tart Cat Bed - PETURDAY
Fruit Tart Cat Bed - PETURDAY

Fruit Tart Cat Bed

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A package come with Cat Bed x1, Blueberry x2, Strawberry x1, Kiwi x1 and Lemon x1.

Super cute and colorful fruit pillows design add more fun in your daily life! Cats can snuggle on the fruit pillows, and they are not attached, double as toys for your little furry friends to play with.


Made of high quality soft and durable short velvet, offer a nice comfortable place for your little family to play, rest and sleep. It is light weight and flexible for easy travel. You can put it in your car seat or in the cage to offer a more comfortable place for you cat when go out for travel.

Bed! Pillow! Toy!

Unique tart shape design, not simply for adorable looking. Cats love to squeeze and cuddle up in small place. The raised tart edge provide cats a safety feeling of being surrounded which makes them feel more comfortable while sleeping. Also, the round sides allow your pet to put their chin propped up on it and because the bed is filled with soft cotton, it would not easily deformed.

Fruit Tart Cat Bed Includes:

  • 1 Fruit Tart Cat Bed with 5 fruit cushions
  • Fruit cushions feature squeakers
  • Approximately 40 cm x 11 cm (16" x 4") 
  • Materials: Polyester